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Attention Magic Players!

Between November 2011 and January 2012, our WPN Account (used to schedule and report Magic events) was accessed without our knowledge and used to create fake FNMs and drafts by people trying to unfairly gain Planeswalker Points. We didn’t discover the situation until Wizards began an investigation in Spring 2012, and our store was placed on a 1 year probation. Two weeks ago, we received notification that our WPN Account was suspended due to other fake events discovered during this same time period (January 2012), and that we would be unable to run a Born of the God’s prerelease.

While it’s clear to us that these events are part of the same incident that resulted in our probation, our case has to go through the appeals process at Wizards before we can run events again. Our Wizards of the Coast representatives have been very helpful in trying to push our appeal through before the prerelease, but we don’t have a 100% guarantee that we will have an answer before tomorrow night. Our prerelease product is on hold at the distributor awaiting WotCs ruling, and while we could wait until the night of to announce that we aren’t having an event, we don’t think it’s fair to our player base to wait until the last minute and not give them time to make other plans for Friday Night.

That being said, if something changes, and we are able to run prerelease events, we will post about it here. Additionally, we still have access to our release product, and will be announcing special events and prizes for release weekend. As always, we love the dedication we’ve seen from our player base, and wish you luck spellslinging.

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At the moment, our online store is not functioning correctly in the Google Chrome web browser. It is working just fine in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari! We apologize for the inconvenience.

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